Turner Street Vertical Garden wins AILA award by Simon Ellis

On June 14th 2019 Turner Street Vertical Garden Received an award form the Australian institute of Landscape Architects. The project demonstrates an affordable and low cost way to achieve vertical gardens with minimal maintenance. The project was entered after five years of growth, including the Summer of 2018-19 which was hotter and drier than any recorded summer in Melbourne. Even in these conditions and facing the equator (north in Melbourne) the plants survived, providing a green outlook and sun protection to the townhouse designed by The Rexroth Mannasmann Collective.

Photos by Tim Allen


CUBO-Garden receives the AILA Edna Walling Award by Simon Ellis

Cubo-Garden in collaboration with Phooey Architects was announced as the winner of the Edna Walling Award for Designed Residential Landscapes at The Victorian AILA awards 2014. Read the full citation below:

'The Cubo Rear Garden is a small garden which provides a rich field for experimentation and play. A wonderful sense of collaboration between the client, the architect and landscape architect is implicit in this scheme which enables the fertile range of ideas to be crafted seamlessly in a delightful manner. The project applies the surrealist technique of “Cubomania” to catalogue, re-use and re-invent the demolished building materials. The craft of garden design is exemplified in this project where the intricate weaving of diverse materials creates fun, tranquillity and a flexible transition between inside and outside. Tactile materials including water and sand increase the illusion of space while diverse plant choices provide opportunities for biodiversity and a productive landscape. Water harvesting, permeable surfaces and a fish pond reduce storm water runoff and increase the resilience of the planting. The jury commends this project as it demonstrates an innovative approach to small garden design that places a high value on sustainability and the textural and tactile experience of the garden.'


Click here for the link to the AILA website listing the 2014 Victorian Awards